Friday, February 06, 2009


My flight, that is!

Yep - you heard it right... I'm actually going on a trip!! I know, I know, unheard of around these parts but all the stars aligned and I'm leaving on a jet plane!

To Saskatchewan!!

Now, before you call me crazy for booking a flight to a decidedly NON-TROPICAL destination (not that you aren't saying anything I haven't already thought! :)), let me say that this will be sort of a business trip...

For those of you who do not live, breathe and eat scrapbooking like the rest of us, there is a Saskatchewan Scraps! crop on March 19th & 20th in Saskatoon, hosted by the talented and lovely Leica Forrest, fellow Canadian Scrapbooker team member.

AND... the last time Amanda had flown to Ontario (for the second time!), she made me promise that I would come out and see her next time! She even promised me a Slushie from the Co-op! ;) I promised that I would try, but definitely not until springtime...

Well, combine the excitement over the crop by the SK girls in the Just Cre8 forum and a seat sale from WestJet and well... looks like I'm flying to SK!! I actually hemmed and hawed for a day or so and finally, while MSN'ing with Gary on the day of the sale, we had this conversation:

Me: Amanda really wants me to fly out for the crop in March
Him: So go then!
Me: I dunno - our mortgage is coming due, and we're getting the new car... and I really wanted to work on getting our finances in good shape this year...
Him: There's always going to be a mortgage and a car payment and bills. Go and enjoy yourself - you work too hard.
Me: I dunno...
Him: Hey, you know what I want for my birthday in March?
Me: (a little disconcerted that he would change topics so quickly) Peace and quiet?? :D
Him: A round trip ticket to SK for you.
Me: (not sure if I should be offended or not...) So you and the kids can have a big party?
Him: Heck no! I'm going to ditch the kids and have a big party! :D Seriously, you should do this - take the time now and go have fun.

So if you didn't have ample opportunity to realize why I married this guy, you now have proof! Needless to say, I booked my trip that afternoon and have started the countdown!! I'm still crossing my fingers that Lori will be able to make the trip with me...

I leave on Thursday, Mar. 19th from London at 1pm and land in SK at 4pm, with a brief 40 minute layover in Winnipeg. And I'm leaving SK at 11am on Monday, Mar. 23rd and arriving in London at 8pm, with a layover in Calgary of about 2.5 hours. So any of my AB friends, if you're close enough to come out, let's meet for lunch!!

Now to figure out not only what to pack to WEAR, but what to bring for the crop... :)


  1. All I can say is SWEATSHIRTS :)..I would love to meet up with you, but I think we are heading to SK Family Day week...


  2. have a blast you do deserve it....! and gary is such a sweetie!

  3. I love that MSN convo with your husband :) He's a keeper! Have fun in SK!

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  5. Oh. My. WORD. Can I rub my husband up against yours?!? What a dreamy guy!!! I shouldn't complain...mine is pretty amazing too. He said yes to Camp Croppin' pretty much right away. I almost fell off my chair! Don't you love it when they do that?!? Can't wait to live, breathe and eat scrapbooking with you!

  6. Hey Sue. I can't wait to meet you. My Hubby and Kids are starting to get tired of listening to me talk about that weekend and all the fun to be had.:)

  7. I cannot WAIT!!!

    Only a few more weeks, and you'll be enjoying the balmy SK winter for real. LOL!! So glad you are coming, my friend!


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