Wednesday, September 23, 2009

African Lion Safari v. 2.0

This year, Gary and I both took a few days off at the end of the summer for a family road trip.  The kids voted to go to African Lion Safari again.

We got there just in time to catch the elephants coming down to the lake for a swim:

Aili loves elephants so she was so excited!  They were so cute, holding each others tails, just lumbering in single file to the lake entrance.

I didn't know elephants could actually swim underwater so it alarmed me when I saw the little ones start to sink!  It was so cute to watch them bob up and down around their mommies.

We did the bus tour again this time, since Aili was old enough to enjoy it and since I took over 300 photos last time, and it was mostly the same animals, I didn't take too many this time...

Except for this one:

I nearly fell off my bus seat when I saw this momma, carrying her little baby and just walked up to this fine gentleman and presented him with her crimson nether regions!  Amidst the kids' cries of "Ooh, GROSS!"...

Another of Aili's loves is horses so she was so thrilled to go for a pony ride!  Let's just overlook the fact that it was $4.00 for ONCE around the beaten track!  But the look on her face was definitely worth it!

She was surprised at how stinky they were, though... ;)

Connor, who is normally very sensitive to smells, particularly animal ones, wanted to take a ride too, but sadly, at 9, he was TOO OLD!  What a bummer!

We took the African Queen boat ride, and headed to lunch and then spent most of the time at the water park, with a brief stop at the Birds of Prey demonstration.  The kids, of course, LOVED the water park and had so much fun in both the wading and play areas:

It was a long drive home that evening, but another fun road trip!

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  1. oooh looks like a fun trip for the kiddos! Where is it at?


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