Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Colts vs. Lions

Gary scored tickets to the Detroit Lions football game on Aug. 28th when they were playing Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, his favourite team.  He took Connor and the two of them headed across the border to Ford Field.

I was hoping to go and lay my peepers on Peyton, but Gary thought Connor would appreciate the game more...

Go figure.

They had pretty good seats, in the end zone.  Here's a zoomed in shot of the coin toss:
There's Peyton (#18) - I sort of wished Gary had brought my Nikon D70 with my zoom lens... :D

There weren't a lot of fans there, since it was an exhibition game only, as you can see from the rows upon rows of empty seats behind Connor.
At half-time they brought out the local junior teams to scrimmage:
Complete with their own cheerleaders!  Gotta love the US...

Much of the play was in their end, despite the Colts' loss.
Overall, the stadium is HUGE - I think it seats something like 80,000 people!
Next time the Colts are in town, I'm going to the game!

Me and my D70, with 70-300mm zoom lens... ;)

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