Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last party!

We're finally coming to the end of Aili's birthday weekend!  We headed out to my sister's place again this year to take advantage of the pool.  My entire family, along with Gary's parents, had a wonderful bbq, along with our dear friends, Dawn & John, and our great neighbours, Nancy, Jim and Anthony.

Aili attempted to dive - with no formal direction - which resulted in quite a few belly flops!  Ouch!  That girl can be stubborn when she gets something into her head!  But the good news is that she no longer required her water wings!  Unless, of course, she's in the pool without an adult in the water with her.

We picked up a huge cake again from Costco - can I tell you that more than half of it came home with me?  And then went into the garbage less than a week later, since we weren't eating it...  Next year, remind me to get a smaller cake!

I think Connor was anxious to get back into the pool in this photo - he's not usually out of the water for long when we go there!

Kayleigh and Aili weren't far from their Build-A-Bear animals for long - they even made it into a few photos! 

And I finally have a photo of our two kids together, where one is not grumpy, frowning, blinking or squinting!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl - next year, let's aim for just ONE party though...!

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