Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I got a fever...

Well, not me.

Little Miss Aili started running a low fever on Sunday night but seemed fine on Monday morning.  However, once she got off the bus, she felt quite warm and was complaining that her throat hurt.  Just to be safe, I took her into the local clinic for a quick check-up.  Despite his obvious lack of bedside manner, the doctor took one look at her throat and prescribed an antibiotic!  He never did give me an actual diagnosis, but I know my child well enough to know when she needs medication!

She awoke early today with a high fever so Gary stayed home with her while I headed into work.  He called me at lunch to tell me that her fever hit 40.1*C.  I called our family doctor and she told us to bring her right in.  She took a swab and confirmed that she had strep throat.

Gary had left to get Connor off the bus, so once we were done, we headed home.  On the way home, she started to shake and complain of chills.  I could tell that her fever was starting to creep up again so I raced home and we gave her some ibuprofen.  Her temperature hit 41.1*C, but I'm not sure how accurate that was... we put her in a tepid bath, and have been keeping an eye on her.  Since she had two febrile seizures when she was a toddler, she is now prone to them so we aren't taking any chances, and are dosing her alternately with acetominaphen and ibuprofen.

The doctor said that it will take about 48 hours for the fever to break so keep your fingers crossed - it should be gone by tomorrow!

Of course, tomorrow is photo retake day... :(  Looks like I may have to take my own school photos this year!

ETA: her fever came down to about 39.7 so hopefully we'll have an uneventful night!


  1. eek I hope she is fine...poor baby...I hope she is fine today.

  2. Oh my goodness, how scary for you! I'm glad she's okay now, but it makes for some worrisome moments and really, really long, sleepless nights for mamma. (((hugs))) to you.


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