Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh no I di'int!!


Oh, YES... I did!

Meet the newest member of our family!  She's almost 8 years old and loves adventure and the wind in her hair!  She's only been with us for less than a day and the kids have taken to her already.  We think we're going to be very happy together.

She still needs a name though - and NO, I'm not naming her Sally!

I'm partial to Lola... :D

ETA:  You may notice that these photos differ from the last ones I posted... I had forgotten to take photos when I test drove the car so those images were just random ones I downloaded to use - I think Lola is much prettier! :D


  1. Congratulations Sue! She's a beauty!

  2. COngrats sue! she is a beauty....i am thinking you may want to take a spin up my way to show her off??? I am sure you can cut the time in half with that car!

  3. That's so awesome, Sue! Congrats!


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