Thursday, November 12, 2009

Darn you, Jennifer!!

Do you Twitter?

My techno-geek hubby introduced it to me back in April, during that whole Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN war.  I embraced it half-heartedly at first, but have found myself following some pretty cool and funny people!

Anyhow, I somehow, via blog/Twitter surfing, came across Jennifer Lancaster's blog, Jennsylvania.  She's the author of several books, including Bitter is the New Black and Such a Pretty Fat, with a new book coming out in 2010:  My Fair Lazy: One Reality Television Addict's Attempt to Discover If Not Being A DumbAss Is The New Black; or, A Culture-Up Manifest.  That title, or at least the very length of it, makes me giggle!

So I follow Jennifer on Twitter - I love her sense of humour and her writing style (read her life timeline here!).  But today, I'm mad at her!

Why, you ask?

Well, a few days ago she posted this blog post.  And as a no-I'm-definitely-NOT-a-size-six girl, I can appreciate the great links to finding trendy, reasonable clothes for me.  Really, I'm grateful.  But she led me here.

Now, shoes and I go WAY back.  At one point, in university, I think I owned over 40 pairs of shoes (that's not counting any athletic footwear!).  Ah, back in the BCK days (Before Chasing Kids)...  Anyhow, it's hard for me to find a great pair of high dress boots, because of my calves.  How does Jennifer put it? Oh yeah... "If your calves have a greater circumference than an Olive Garden breadstick,..."  Yep, that's me.

So off I surf to Zappos, heading directly for the Wide Calf Boots section...

Where I meet these handsome guys:

Fitzwell Oregon in Black Suede  I can hardly stand it - Aren't they sexy and gorgeous??  3" covered heel, side zipper - a definite wardrobe must-have, or so they tell me, for only $179.00 (USD).

I jump ahead to page two and there, I play the fickle lover and discard Oregon without a backwards glance for this sexy pair:

Promiscuous Vern in Black Leather  Oh.... be still my heart!  Even the name is sexy!!  (The Promiscuous part, not the Vern part...)  4" polished stiletto heel with ruched leather for $159.00 (USD) - For a moment, let's just go ahead and ignore my bad knees that wouldn't last a few hours in these babies, let alone an entire evening...

But then it happened.  True love.

Vivienne Westwood Roman Boot in Red Suede and Patent Leather.  I will look no further - I HAVE to have these boots.  Open toe, 4" stiletto heel with a leather sole for only....



No, no, no.  That can't be right.  They must have mixed up the numbers....  Is it possible that I have found my "solemate" in boots, only to find that we are never meant to be??

Darn you, Jennifer, for showing me what I'm missing... *fist waving*

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