Sunday, December 27, 2009

Healing Vibes...

and these needed ASAP!!

Everyone in our household, with the exception of me (touch wood!), has all succumbed to a debilitating 'flu-like virus.  My hands are red and chapped from all of the hand-washing that I've been doing!

Aili was the first hit - she started vomiting at my dad's place on Christmas Eve, around 11pm.  She was up all night, emptying what little contents of her tummy was left, every half hour, almost like clockwork.  She woke up around 11am on Christmas morning (Connor was sooo patient, waiting to open his gifts!!).  She opened her gifts and then promptly vomited again.  Every one of her Christmas photos has the obligatory bowl next to her... :(

Back to bed she went and slept most of the day, fighting a fever.  By late afternoon, she had stopped vomited but still felt warm to touch.  Luckily, she passed an uneventful, if not fitful, night and woke up with a bit more colour to her cheeks and no fever.

But of course, that pesky virus was not done with us yet!  Gary started to feel queasy around 10am Boxing Day morning and was out of commission for the day.  And sadly, around 8pm, Connor started to vomit - projectile vomit, no less.

Calgon, take me away!!

Everyone is resting easy, for now - and I'm happy to say that Connor has been sleeping without interruption for about 2 hours now, so keep your fingers crossed!  Please send healing vibes, and disinfectant wipes, if you can!

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