Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seal #4 Meet (Windsor): 2010.01.06

Today (2010.01.24), we were in Etobicoke for yet another swim meet.  As we watched Connor warm-up, I pondered whether it was better to be sitting there in the humid heat of the pool area, or freezing my butt off in an arena at 5am for hockey practice or a game...

I decided this was much more fun.

I thought I was going to have alot of photos to share from today - Nikon Canada sent me a new D90 SLR camera and AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm lens to play with, while my camera is being serviced - and I was looking forward to having fun, playing!

It was not to be, however - Connor injured his shoulder and we ended up withdrawing from his races today.  It was disappointing, as I was looking forward to seeing him race, but of course, his health comes first!  We're off to the doctor tomorrow to check it out to make sure it's okay for next month.

Why, you ask?  What's next month?

Well, I'm very proud to announce that Connor has been invited by his coach to participate in REGIONALS on Feb. 5th-7th in London!  We're all pretty excited that - what a great opportunity for him!  Hopefully, his shoulder will be healed and he will be in top form!  Because this is just his first year in competition, there are no expections of Connor - we simply want him to have fun and try his best! 

Since we don't have any news from today's meet, I will share some news from Connor's swim meet in Windsor last week.  And yes, it will be only news, as I didn't snap ANY photos this time, having left my camera at home! :(  This was his first swim meet in the 10-11 age category and while he was freshly turned 10, most of the other kids were already 11, turning 12 this year.

Because it was a Seal Meet, Connor's races were chosen for him, by his coaches.  He was also chosen to run anchor for his 200m Freestyle relay for the 10-11 Mixed age category!  They came in second, with a time of 2:13.16s, to their WEST teammates' relay team - and considering that the starter for that team had broken or set most of the swim club's records for 2009, I was quite proud of him!

Here are his results in the 10-11 age 10 finishes for all of his races!
100m IM:  1:34.04s - 7th place (-14.14s)
50m Fly:  48.68s - 9th place (-0.17s)
50m Back:  47.5s (-1.35s)
50m Breast:  53.17s (-7.49s)
100m Free:  1:31.31s (-0.86)

Way to go, Connor - so proud of you for shaving seconds off of ALL of your times!

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