Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dash for Cash (Guelph): 2009.12.11 - 2009.12.13

One of Connor's 9 events during the Dash for Cash Swim Meet was the 50 Butterfly.   I didn't take many photos that weekend - I'm not happy with the quality that my D70 is churning out - but here are a few:

It was great because this facility had an electronic timing system so we could see his times right away!  These are the results from his 50 Fly - he was in Lane 3:

It was held at the University of Guelph and they had two pools - this one was where the timed finals were, and next to it (on the other side of the wall on the right) was a slightly smaller warm up pool.

Which was good, because when there are over 300 kids trying to warm up in the same pool, it can get ugly.  I overheard some of the parents talking and there were reports of kids being scratched and kicked in the face during warm-ups, just from the sheer volume of kids in the pool!  Connor prefered to use the warm-up pool, but the disadvantage was that there were no starting blocks so he didn't practice his starts as much as he should have.  He did well overall, but had a couple of shaky starts:

10 & Under: {Race: Time - Place (time change)}
25m Free: 17.74s - 2nd place (--)
100m Back: 1:47.61s - 13th place (--)
50m Breast: 1:00.66s - 14th place (--)
200m Free: 3:19.8s - 8th place (--)
50m Free: 42.00s - 19th place (+1.8s)
200m Back: 3:49.71s - 12th place (--)
50m Fly: 48.85s - 11th place (--)
50m Back: 48.22s - 5th place (-3.87s)
100m Free: 1:32.17s - 12th place (-4.12s)

As you can tell, Connor tried alot of new races, as indicated by the lack of changes in his times.  Way to go, Connor!

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