Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seal Meet #3 (Sarnia): 2009.12.06

Sarnia Lambton YMCA

The Sarnia Seal meet was scheduled to start warm-ups at 8am on Dec. 6th, 2009.

Have I mentioned that it was the DAY AFTER my Shoppers Drug Mart Christmas Party?

Connor and Gary head out to this meet by themselves - Aili had developed some allergy symptoms the day before so I decided to stay home with her.  It was an early morning for them - they had to leave by 5:30am to make it there by 7:45am in time for warmups.  It didn't help that it snowed the night before!

Connor managed to sleep a bit on the way up, but still looked tired:

(I love this look from him - hands on hips, swim cap on, goggles up, still dripping from the last race...)

Connor swam really well at this meet.  He came in second and managed to shave over 12 seconds off of his 100m IM time from the Leamington Seal meet, where he was disqualified for an improper turn!  IM, in case you're wondering, stands for Individual Medly - the swimmers use all four strokes (Butterfly, Breast, Back and Freestyle).  So for the 100m, they complete one length (25m) of each.  (Similarly, for a 200m IM, they complete 2 laps per stroke).

Here are the rest of his times (and the difference in time from last record), in the 9 amd Under category:
100 IM:  1:48.18s - 2nd place (-12.11 sec)
25 Fly: 24.39s - 3rd place (+2.1 sec)
25 Back: 23.03s - 3rd place (--)
25 Breast: 26.13s - 4th place (--)
50 Free: 40.20s - 2nd place (-1.09 sec)

His coach also put him on the relay team, in third place, in the 9 and Under Mixed Relay - 100m Free.  His team came in 2nd place with a time of 1:22.56s!

Once Gary gets the videos captured and posted online, I'll post some video of some of his swims!

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