Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday Celebration

In December, Connor competed in the Dash for Cash meet in Guelph, Ontario - just 25-30 minutes away from his grandparents' home.  This was his first 3 day event - and the last one that he would be competing in the 9 and Under age category!  On the last day of the event, he turned 10!

On the Saturday after his swims, we, along with Gary's family and our friends, Holly, Stephen and crew, went to Swiss Chalet for a birthday celebratory dinner.  It was a noisy affair and we had to wait too long for our food, but the kids were well behaved and had fun!

I snapped this photo of Connor and Aili, entertaining themselves while waiting for the other kids to arrive.  I know I may complain how they are spirited and fiesty, but overall, I am thankful that we are blessed with good kids!

Note the writing on Connor's arm - it's a standard for the kids to write their event and lane numbers on their arms so they can keep track of their events - their coaches do not babysit them at all, making them responsible to get to the marshalling in time.  Marshalling is when they call an event number (i.e. Marshalling for event #54, 9 and Under 100m IM) and all kids in that event head over to the marshalling area.  They then have officials that call out the kids by heat number, then lane number so that when it's time to race, they just cycle them through - like cattle! LOL!  It's a well-oiled machine and needs to be, especially when there are 300-400 kids all there to swim in an 8-lane, 25m pool!

Scott, Gary's younger brother, came down for the weekend to watch Connor swim and to celebrate his birthday with us.  The kids adore Uncle Scott, as he always rolls up his sleeves and plays with them, or just makes these goofy faces...  God love 'im, - must be the actor in him... :D

I'm not really happy with any the quality of the following photos, since I only had my little Coolpix on me - and I turned the flash off because I was sitting in front of the window!  Holly, if you got any good photos, please send me some!  Thank goodness, my Nikon D70 is going in for servicing at the end of the month - and maybe I will have to officially retire it!

Here, the partners in crime pose - I'm not sure who they are looking at?  Maybe Holly?  (L to R: Aili, Connor, Evan, Vanessa and Alicia)

I KNOW, I know - it's blurry!!  And he moved his hand up so I missed the reaction on his face... but here is Connor opening his gift from Gary and I - a new Nintendo DSi!!

He's been asking for a DS for the last 3 Christmases - and since it's usually a LONG time in between swims at the meets, everyone and their brother has them at all the meets!!
This smile was worth the price tag.

And I managed to snag one from work and use all of my points so it was basically FREE!  Love Shoppers Optimum points...

As an aside, did you know that the Shoppers Optimum logo was what inspired this stamp set??

Once we got home after dinner, it was late - nearly 9:30pm, but Gary's parents had cake and presents for Connor and since we were going to be out the door early the next day for his swim meet, and then heading home directly after, we let the kids stay up a bit later.

Grandma and Granddad gave Connor some new Lego:

And the much coveted MarioCart for his new DSi!

Scott works for Chapters, downtown Toronto, so for an avid 10 year old reader, this means some pretty awesome gifts, like Book Five in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series:
Or a t-shirt and autographed copy of the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, Dog Days:

Hmm... this photo reminds me of another photo.... Oh!  Now I remember...

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  1. BWAHAHAHA!!! This is why I loove you. A little kid stuff...great stamp inspiration(my fave BTW), some sassy salsa music AND Calvin and Hobbes!


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