Monday, January 25, 2010

SK Christmas Concert 2009

Aili's Senior Kindergarten (SK) class performed for their families at their Christmas concert in December.  To protect her classmates' privacy, I took a page from the National Enquirer's book and masked out their eyes - although I don't really understand how that protects them?  Oh well.  Hopefully, this is okay for everyone - if your child is in this photo and you'd prefer that I obscure their face even more, please let me know!

Madame Barcic is Aili's favourite person in the world, next to me, so she tells me.  I think Daddy and even Connor may rate above as well, but at her age, she still lives in the moment so when I ask her the question after spending a day with Mme. Barcic, she inevitably places high on the list!

And for good reason.  This group, with the exception of one or two children, is the same group that Aili had for Junior Kindergarten (JK).  Mme. Barcic so thoroughly enjoyed her JK class that for the 2009/10 school year, she requested to teach SK - and not just any SK class, but the same kids she had last year!  Of course, I had spent all summer, preparing Aili for a new teacher and new friends... for no reason, apparently!

After their mini-concert, in which they entertained the group by singing 3 french Christmas songs, there were various craft stations in which we could participate.  Gary grabbed the camera, while I was nominated for craft duty! :) And for the record, I wasn't angry in this photo - just concentrating on helping Aili frost her cookie!

You can see  in this photo how short my hair is now!  A far cry from before - I scrounged around and the only half-decent photo I could find that showed most of the length of my hair was this blurry one from Christmas 2008 - at the time of cutting in Aug'09, it was probably about 4-6 inches longer!

But I digress...

I love when Gary takes the camera, because he has super long arms and is famous for taking these arms-length sort of photos:

And I love when Gary takes the camera, because at 5'1", I can never get views like this - unless I stand on a ladder!

Aili was so excited for this concert!  I sent her to school in her chosen outfit, with her hair pulled back with jewelled red barrettes:

They did not look like this when she left the house! LOL!  She informed me, when I asked if she re-did her barrettes, that her hat made them "crooked" so naturally, she had to fix them...

For the potluck, I made Baked Caramel Corn, trying out a new recipe.  I saw Mme. Barcic a few days later at one of Aili's classmates' birthday party and she begged for the recipe!  I made so much that she brought the leftovers into the staffroom (rather than inflict any more sugar on the kids!) - she said that everyone (office staff, teachers, even janitors!) kept coming back for more!

I'll share the recipe tomorrow!

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