Saturday, February 06, 2010

Western Ontario Regional SC Championships: London (2010.02.05 - 2010.02.06)

I'm sitting in a hotel room, in the dark, blogging.

Kinda like a dark, dirty secret. ;)

We're in London for the Western Ontario Regional SC Championships today and tomorrow for Connor.  It was touch and go this week, as to whether or not we'd make it here, after he was diagnosed with rotator cuff tendonitis 2 weeks ago.  But after a week off, and plenty of icing, he was back in the pool today.

He had 3 swims today, and his coaches put him in as the starter for the 200m Medley relay.  Not what we were expecting, and I think it may have put some strain on him.  He was really hard on himself today, but Gary and I both think that after his absence from an injury that is still healing, he did pretty well!  His stamina needs to be built back up - I could see that he tired easily today - but we're still so proud of how far he's come in such a short time.  I think we forget sometimes that this is still really only his FIRST year of actual competitions!

I got to try out the Nikon D90 that Nikon sent me on loan while my D70 is in for repairs - as it turns out, I just needed to have the focusing sensor cleaned and adjusted.  Not as pricey as I had originally feared - although after playing with the D90 today, I think I want to upgrade!  I am too tired to dig through my camera bag for my card to upload but will share tomorrow or Monday!

Now that everyone around me is snoring, and I can't even read my new scrapbooking magazine (unless I resort to the bathroom!), I guess I'll turn in.  Maybe we can take advantage of the pool and hot tub early tomorrow morning, since we don't have to be back at the pool until noon tomorrow.

Have a happy February weekend!

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