Sunday, June 13, 2010

And so it begins....


We're finally ready to start the destruction renovation of my studio.  I had started to empty and compile the chaos that are my scrapping supplies a few weeks ago, just picking through items when I had to pack for scrappy dates and workshops.

My sister came by on Thursday and helped me empty it, with the exception of my built in desk, my computer, monitors and printer and a huge lateral filing cabinet.  Oh, and a very heavy conference table.

I will post a photo of it, when it is completely empty, but for now, I have to share the mess that I will have to live with (and try to work through!) for the next x weeks...  however long it takes to complete!
Why does it always look so much more incriminating when it's ALL together, in heaps and piles?!?  Luckily, I have never hid any purchases from my hubby so there was no surprises for him...

In my defense, this is ten years worth of accumulating... and technically only eight years of scrapping, since I didn't scrap much at all while operating Just Cre8!

I will definitely have to purge through some stuff in the next few weeks, while Gary installs my double french doors, potlights and drop ceiling!

Anyone want to bet if I can fit this all back in my room when it's done?? ;)

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  1. Oh, you can do it! That is going to look 100% amazing and I am going to come live with you when it's done. You laugh. No seriously, I am.


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