Saturday, July 03, 2010

Scrapping Mojo

Now that I've managed to squeeze a few projects out in this mess that I am calling my basement, while my studio renovations are in progress, I am feeling the itch to scrapbook more!

Which of course is just plain BAD timing because the weather here is gorgeous!

And I have about three tables full of product to start purging and sorting.

{sigh} Time to be responsible, I guess.  For now.

But there's no reason that YOU can't scrapbook!!  And the deadline for Canadian Scrapbooker's Call for Layouts for our Winter 2010/11 issue is coming up!

And while it seems unfathomable to think about Christmas and winter right now, so goes the life cycle of a magazine! :)

You can view more details here on the Canadian Scrapbooker's submissions page.  We'd love to see your work!!

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