Monday, July 19, 2010

Studio Reno: Week 5

Heading into Week 5 and I can honestly say that I see a light at the end of the tunnel... kind of.  Luckily, we've been so busy that I haven't noticed that it's been this long.

Other than the disaster that is my former family room.

Day 29 (2010.07.12)

Time to sand!

Kudos to the Home Depot employee who suggested the Dust-Control drywall compound!  We didn't have to sand in between applications, and there wasn't any need for extra sanding after a second coat of compound!

Most of the surface inside the room was completed tonight, but our sandpaper was losing its' bite so Gary will finish it tomorrow!

Day 30 (2010.07.13)

Tonight, Gary finished the sanding!! Yay!

Of course, now that means that the pressure is on to choose a paint colour!  I have narrowed it down to a few choices, but I'm not sure of the actual furniture colour.  I was hoping to buy all the studio furniture once we were done the room, to avoid bring more boxes into the calamity that is my downstairs right now, but I think I'm going to need to get me at least one piece to help choose colours.

Day 33 (2010.07.16)

I drove 7 hours, roundtrip, today to go to Ikea to get one of the studio furniture pieces!!

Okay, so I had to drive at least 1.5 hrs to London to meet my in-laws to hand off Aili anyways (she's spending a week with them)... we just called them and asked them to meet us in Burlington instead.  It's closer for them anyways, and I'm sure my MIL didn't mind the shopping!  In fact, when we met up with them inside, two of the things she had in her hand were also in my shopping cart! Great minds... :)

So I picked up one of the smaller Expedit bookshelves:

This particular bookshelf was not available online at the Canadian Ikea website, but I found it at the store!

Here's the proposed studio layout that I've designed:

The bookcase shown above, along with a second one will be placed on its' side (hence 4 cubbies long by 2 cubbies high) in an L-shape in the corner, providing counter space for items like my Clip-It-Up and other goodies I can find!

The island workspace will be a custom-built piece.  Gary and I are still working on the design but it will be counter-height, but with space in the middle to sit and work, since I'm not sure how long my old knees can stand for scrapping! :)

Now, I know what you're thinking... why on earth did she drive 7 hours and only get ONE piece of furniture??  Aside from the space issue, a big factor was pricing and availability.  Some pieces were not available in Canada, and the pieces that were available were a lot more money.  Like a $250+ difference.

Normally, I try to shop Canadian when I can, but that $250 will be going towards my new camera!

So now to dig out a shelf and to pick out some paint colours!

Day 34 (2010.07.17)

Connor had a friend over for a sleepover tonight and while they enjoyed the pool and sunshine, I banished myself to the basement to try and wade through more of the boxes in an effort to be ready to go, once the room was painted.

It seems to be a losing battle.

Tomorrow:  Home Depot for paint!

Day 35 (2010.07.18)

*angels singing triumphantly*


Oh, and you SOOOO know that I am going to keep you in suspense until it's painted... :P

We also purchased all of the materials for the ceiling, and once the walls are painted, it's ceiling, lights and then we can start moving furniture in!!

That is, once it's all been purchased and assembled...

Is there anyone who will paint for Pasta Carbonara???  I'll even serve wine... after we're finished, of course!

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  1. ohhh so can't wait to see the colour.. love the layout... this is going to be a great workspace when it is all done...


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