Sunday, August 08, 2010

More OC

If you weren't bored with yesterday's recount of our beach visit, welcome back!

As much as Connor enjoyed the beach, so did Aili.  It was so entertaining to see her in her little bikini, frolicking in the waves, making sand castles with "her sister", as she came to refer to her cousin, Sara, who was only 2 months younger than her.

Here they are... Baywatch 2025:
I think Aili was showing me her dance moves...

Everything about her and the beach seemed to just JIVE...  the wet, tousled hair:

The sunkissed glow:

The windswept look:

The "Mermaid" pose:

Except for the squinting, of course.  And she wasn't even facing the sun! {sigh}

Her "sister", Sara, wasn't as comfortable with the camera pointed at her all the time:

In fact, this whole look just SCREAMS, "Will you STOP already?!?" to me...

Sorry, sister - you're part of the family now... goes with the territory.  And you're just such a cute little peanut!! :)

See... even Connor tolerates it:


OMGosh, is that peach fuzz on his cheeks???

Excuse me - I have to go lay down...

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