Monday, August 30, 2010

Studio Reno: Week 11

Oops!  I missed my update last week - Did you miss the eye candy? :)

The studio has been coming along slowly.  I am sorting through supplies and finding a home for it all somewhere in my studio.  It's a long tedious process, as I'm trying to make sure that the placement will be conducive to productive scrapping.  I'm sure once I get in there, there will be some changes!

We still need to build my island, but once my supplies are in, I may, in the interim, just set up a folding table in there so I can start to scrap!

I picked up this awesome wire tiered rack from Costco last week with the intention of using it to store my wood stamps:

I couldn't wait to get home and start loading it with my wood stamps!  I opened up my Stampin' Up sets and sorted them with images in the bottom tier and sentiments/words in the top.  It was the perfect size for them all!

Until I found another two bins full of wood stamps. :s

I don't have enough counterspace for two stands so I had to repackage all of my stamps (not so easy when I don't have labels on all of them!) and have stored them now in a couple of boxes.

So what should I put in my beautiful tiered stand?  I was thinking maybe inks in the top tier and then mists and Stickles in the bottom...

Would love some suggestions...


  1. Oh!!! I'm totally looking for a metal stand like that! Costco eh? I wonder if they'll still have some out here! (fingers crossed!! ;))

  2. okay I am loving this stand. I want to go to costco now!!. I would think it should be something you can find easliy for the maybe the mists on top and the inks at the bottom. I find I use my inks and need them at the right height to find easily. I am sure whatever it is , it will look amazing!!


Thank you for your comments - I appreciate the feedback!

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