Sunday, December 12, 2010

Home at last!!

This past weekend, we spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Guelph at the Dash for Cash swim meet.  Connor swam exceptionally well, bettering most of his times - especially his 200m Freestyle time, off which he shaved 19.4 seconds!  He is pleased with his swims, with the exception of his 25m freestyle - he won 2nd place last year at this same event, and was hoping to better his time, but had a bad start and ended up adding time.  The final results aren't in yet, but I think it was all top ten finishes across the board!  Way to go, Connor!

We left immediately after his last race, but still managed to get caught in a snowstorm on the way home.  We passed so many vehicles that has spun out or had gone into ditches!  The slushy wet snow soon turned to ice with the dropping temperatures and we ground to a standstill just prior to our turn off at Cty Rd 42, where the OPP had closed down Hwy 401.  I'm not sure if it was due to poor visibility or an accident, but once we turned off at Cty Rd 42, it was complete chaos!  Pure whiteout condition - we could barely see the road!  Luckily, we caught up with a queue of cars, which helped to keep us out of the ditch!  It took us nearly 45 minutes to travel a stretch that usually only takes us 25 minutes!

Thankfully we made it safely!  We're hoping that the rest of our WEST teammates made the journey home safely as well!

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