Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seven Sunday Blessings: Jan 16th-22nd

card by CindyG at An Altered State

This week, I'm thankful...

1. for the Internet for providing awesome inspiration like the card above by Cindy G.  Check out her site for lots of awesome projects.

2. for my flowing mojo!  I don't know if it's the deadines or the new scraproom studio but I'm back!  For now anyways - keeping my fingers crossed... LOL!

3.  for good friends.  I met up for dinner with some friends that I met when Connor and I attended a Baby Exercise & Massage class when he was a newborn.  So great to connect again.

4. for hot water.  Our hot water tank has been leaking for a few weeks and Gary got in there to replace the valve - only to have it snap off!  A bit of a water mess, but he finally drained the tank and got it replaced  But waiting for hot water to fill again was killer - especially when it's this cold out... and everyone needs to take a shower...

5. for my son who has a wicked imagination and wonderful aspirations of becoming a writer, among other things.  He started writing his own novel, after being inspired by his teacher's encouragement to continue working on a literary assignment.  Did I mention he's only 11??

6. for our public library.  Where I can find intriguing new authors or self-help writing books for kids, peruse the latest home decor magazines or rent the latest movies.  All for free.

7. for my Tassimo and my new Chai Tea Latte discs... 'Nuff said.

What are YOU thankful for this week?

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