Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seven Sunday Blessings: Jan 9th-15th

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This week, I am thankful:

1. that I have a handy hubby - especially after Connor accidentally locked the only set of keys to Mustang inside, just as we were on our way to an appointment!

2. that I snuck in a quick nap with Aili in our comfy bed, while Connor was at swim practice with Gary.

3. that I finally got a chance to take down my Christmas decorations!  I think we were the last people on our block this year... :s

4. that I have a fantastic dentist, who worked through her lunch on Friday, to squeeze the kids and I in for an appointment - thank you, Dr. Mac!

5. that Aili is showing signs of being a great swimmer, just like Connor!  Not only to keep her physically active, but to ease a mother's worries about pool safety.

6.  that I have started up a bi-weekly challenge on my blog to encourage me to continue scrapbooking pages for my Book of Me.  And that I have lovely friends who are going to join me! 

7.  for my new kitchen faucet!  No more leaking - and I love my pull-out sprayer thingy.  Yes, that's the technical name - why do you ask?

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Lovely friends who remind me to be thankful for things. That is what I am thankful for. xo


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