Sunday, February 13, 2011

Leave Your Legacy: How Well Do You Know Me?

Welcome to a new Leave Your Legacy challenge!

Remember the old Newlywed Game that ran from 1966 to present day?  (I know - hard to believe it's still running!)  Anyhow, I remember sitting in our family room with my parents, watching this movie, thinking how sad it was that these couples were so ignorant about basic facts about their spouses.

So, inspired by that, the challenge this week is as such:

Ask your partner to complete the quiz below about you (or one of your own choosing).  Then incorporate his/her answers, along with yours into a layout.  

My example is:
Coming Soon!

A year or so ago, I had 5x7 photos printed of Gary and I, thinking that I would use one of the awesome quizzes found in one of my idea books.  I unearthed while organizing and purging my scrap supplies back in January, but sadly, I now can't find it! :(

So, left to my own devices, I made up my own questionnaire that my hubby and I will both complete (without consulting each other to confirm answers!)  I have a layout done, but will photograph it once the journaling is complete and add it here!

Here's the quiz:

1. Where did you first meet {your name}?
2. What would you say is {your name}'s best feature?
3. What would {your name} say is his/her best feature?
4. What is {your name}'s favourite colour?
5. If {your name} could change jobs, what would be his/her dream job?
6. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning - you or {your name}?
7. How old was {your name} when he/she was first kissed?
8. What is {your name}'s favourite movie genre?
9. If {your name} could only bring three foods onto a deserted island, what would they be?
10. If {your name} won the lottery tomorrow, what would be the first thing he/she purchased?

If you'd like to participate and be entered into a draw for a prize, please share your layout below, using LinkyTools, by 11:59 EST on March 7, 2011:


  1. What a great challenge for Valentine's Day Sue. xx

  2. I've just uploaded my LO - used your sketch for 12th Feb. on WeScrap.
    Answers are hidden on the tag - DH got 7/10 right! Failed on my ideal job,my favourite colour and what I thought was my best feature. Well, we've only been married 29 years!lol

  3. Finally got this loaded! Whew! I used a few of my own questions instead..hope that's okey dokey. Thanks for doing this I am slowly but surely making an impact on this committment to document my life! xo


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