Friday, February 25, 2011

Leave Your Legacy: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Welcome to a new Leave Your Legacy challenge!

We all have friends.  (Or at least I hope we do!)  Friends that console us when our heart is breaking.   Friends that act as our "wing lady" and prevent us from doing anything silly (or in my case, encourage us! LOL!)   Friends that hold back our hair when we've had too much to drink.  And while maybe the last one is not something that you want to scrapbook for your children and future generations to see, we can't deny that our friends we've had throughout our life have all helped to shape who we are today. 

So, inspired by that, the challenge this week is as such: 

Create a layout about friends you've met along this journey we call Life.  Journal about the important lesson(s) that each one taught you.  

My example is: 
Coming Soon!

I'm sorry for the lack of layouts this month - this dental infection has really knocked it out of me and I just haven't had the energy or the inclination to scrap. I am hoping to work on this one this weekend though, as I'm feeling better and will share layouts for both this week's challenge and the previous one soon!

If you'd like to participate and be entered into a draw for a prize, please share your layout below, using LinkyTools, by 11:59 EST on March 7, 2011:

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