Friday, February 18, 2011

Long Weekend, here we come!

So excited for this weekend!!

After months of planning and patiently waiting, we are finally going to reconnect with the Ms!!  Sadly, I am still disfigured from the swelling, so hopefully I don't scare her boys!

Although, knowing boys, they'll probably think it's cool...

Gary's been comparing me to the cover of Raging Bull - I have to say, I can see the resemblance! 

My left eye is almost swollen shut and has started to bruise.  I went in to see Dr. M for my follow-up appointment and she was floored!  She ended up removing the temporary filling, to allow the infection to drain down instead of up into my face, and she also prescribed a heavy duty antibiotic to take concurrently with the other one. 

Sad to say, though, that I will not be able to partake in any libations this weekend... :(  And I was looking forward to a few G&T's, too...

Oh, well, I'm excited to see them all - and Katrina's designed me this fantastic Skribblz Art for my new studio, based on one of my favourite quotes of all time!! I'm hoping to get video of her putting it up this weekend and I'll share it next week!

Have a wonderful Family Day weekend, all my Canadian friends and a good weekend to everyone else, too!


  1. Oh Sue - I'm so sorry your swelling hasn't gone down and the bruising is showing. Hugs. xx
    You're probably right about the boys finding it cool.
    Shame about the G&T's though - my favourite!.
    Have a fab weekend anyway. xx
    p.s. you could always claim to have gone 10 rounds in the boxing ring!lol

  2. have a great one sue and say Hi to Kat for me...check out my post in the prior post! I am so sorry you have to go throught that!


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