Friday, March 25, 2011

Leave Your Legacy: Things to Love

Welcome to a new Leave Your Legacy challenge!  If you're new to my blog, well, welcome!  And you can learn more about myLeave Your Legacy challenge here. 

This month, I'm giving away this prize:

The Spring 2011 issue of Canadian Scrapbooker

And your choice of any available 4x6 or prior kit stamp set by Just Cre8, like this one (one of my favs):

Now - on to this week's challenge!

It seems that while my husband tolerates my crazy celebrity crushes, he may not realize just how much I appreciate and love him.  And since we're working on layouts that tell future generations about us now, I thought it would be à propos to document what exactly I love about him, right now.

So here's the challenge:

Complete a layout about someone you love, and list the things you love about them.  Be sure to include a recent photo.  You can list as many things as you like, but at least ten, please.

I chose the number thirteen for my layout.  Why?  Well, in September, we celebrated our 13th anniversary.  Plus, the number has always been prominent in our lives:  both kids were born on the 13th day, my parents' anniversary, my mom's birthday and my niece's are all on the 13th of the month, my in-laws' live at house number 13... always significant in our lives.

Plus in the Italian culture, 13 is actually considered to be a LUCKY number!  And I do feel so lucky for all that I have in my life.

Now, I have my list done, but of course, with preparing for my Donna Downey classes this week, and tax preparations last week, I haven't had a chance to finish my layout, but I am scrapping on Saturday night, hopefully, and will share it early next week!

13 Things to Love about You:

  1. You are so warm all the time - just like my personal warming pan!
  2. Your bright blue eyes - definitely, a weakness for me.
  3. Your ability to get along with practically everyone - you can blend into any group.
  4. Your work ethic - there is no one more dedicated or loyal than you.
  5. How you still, after all these years, will come up behind me and sneak a kiss - still makes my heart beat faster.
  6. How handy you are - "when you have the right tools, it's easy!", right?
  7. Your ability to see what needs to be done and how you go ahead and do it, usually without being asked. (see #4)
  8.  That you can cry at weepy stuff like Extreme Home Makeover and not care if I catch you.
  9. How we sometimes will say exactly what the other person is thinking.  So in tune with each other.
  10. That you love my (slightly crazy) family like they're your own.  Even before they actually were.
  11. That you indulge me whenever you can - even if I don't need that Twix bar at 10:30pm on a Thursday night.
  12. How, when other women complain about their household workload and how their husbands never help, I have to smile sheepishly and admit that I don't know what they mean... ;)
  13. That you know everything about me.  Can predict my moods.  Know my tastes.  Read my mind.  And yet, still love me as much as you do.

If you'd like to participate and be entered into the draw for the Spring issue of CS magazine and your choice of stamp, please share your layout below, using Linky Tools, by 11:59pm EST on April 6th, 2011. Submissions for both March challenges will be entered into this draw.  Winners will be announced on April 7th, 2011.


  1. This is a wonderful challenge Sue! I am excited to play along! Now for the perfect photo...can I use my dog do you think? I'm kidding! Maybe..:o)

  2. Fabulous list Sue - I'm def. doing a LO of my dog!lol
    Sue xx
    p.s. hoping to have my laptop back tomorrow - it's 2 o'clock in the morning here and I've sneaked onto DH's computer.

  3. I've just uploaded my LO - I've called it The List. Journalling will be going into the heart tag when I've "refined it". I'm being a bit too "wordy"!


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