Thursday, March 24, 2011

T minus 2 and counting...

Look out, Donna - here we come!!

On Saturday, Holly, Lee, Lori and I will be in Kitchener to take an afternoon class with the crazy talented Donna Downey.  Holly and I are actually heading out in the morning for the Life's Artistry class as well.

Karen Ellis, another outrageously talented lady and owner of the Art Studio House in Kitchener is hosting the event.  Donna will be teaching an evening class on Friday (Lee is attending that class, as well), three classes on Saturday and a full day class on Sunday.  I really wanted to take that one as well, but decided that these two classes are the best value for my dollar right now.

By the end of Saturday afternoon, I should have an eight page 8x10 mixed media scrapbook, an inspiration journal (similar to the one Donna uses for her Inspiration Wednesday videos) and a whole lotta mojo!

That's the hope, anyways!

After class, Lori, Holly and I will be kidnapping Lee (bah - party schmarty!) and taking her to dinner with us for some good food and even better beverages!  And hopefully between the four of us and our cameras, we will remember to take a group photo!

I'll be sure to share photos taken during our class, and of the finished (or nearly finished!) projects!

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  1. Oohhh i so envy u!!! Lucky gal!! U gurls have fun. I can only imagine what a blast that wud be and dont forget to post pics here together with the project...:)))


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