Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seven Sunday Blessings

This week, I am thankful:

1. That we had a beautiful Victoria Day weekend, except for the rain storm on Monday!  I had to work a long day on Saturday but we celebrated with a yummy dinner with our neighbours on Monday.  It's been a while since we've been able to connect so it was nice to just get together and "be"...

2.  That we made plans with our aforementioned neighbours for a regular night of cards.  Euchre, girls vs. boys.  Excited to start - especially since the girls tromped all over the boys on Monday... :)  Looking forward to every other Saturday - may even plan for a baby sitter and do dinner first!

3.  that my increased work hours and Gary's new job has given me to option to be able to think about hiring a housekeeper!  Yay - here's to a sparkling house!  Well, at least until the kids get home... :)

4.  that Connor's swim meet was in Guelph this weekend.  Close enough to stay and spend time with Gary's mom and dad.  He did very well, considering it was a long course race (50m pool, compared to a 25m pool that he practices and normally races in).  At time of posting today, his official results are:  3rd in 50m Freestyle, 6th in 50m Backstroke, 6th in 200m Freestyle and 14th in 100m Breaststroke.  He swims his 100m Freestyle and 100m Backstroke today, and his coach informed him yesterday that he'll be swimming on the 200m Medley relay today as well.  Go WEST! :)
5.  for rain?  It's been raining nearly non-stop since Monday... and while my grass is green and my flowers bursting with blooms, I'm getting tired of the gray skies!

6.  that it was season's finale week!  Maybe now, I won't be so distracted and will be more productive around the house! LOL!

7.  that my new camera has FINALLY been ordered and arrived on Thursday!  Or at least I think it did... Purolator Man came by while we were at work.  Then there was a mixup and the delivery driver left the WRONG depot card so I now have to wait until Monday... :( 

What are YOU thankful for this week?

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