Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Hump Day Again!

It's been a crazy week around here.

Well, crazier than normal.

I started at my third store this week, but with a statutory holiday on Monday and Connor's upcoming swim meet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I've been trying to cram in 38 hours of work into three days!  And with Gary starting work at his new job, I have to be home by 3:45pm when the kids get home!

Did I mention it was my quarter end at work?  For THREE stores?


The good news is that I am LOVING my new store, and still love my job.  Ask me again in a few months, when the honeymoon is over and I'm pining for my Thursdays and Fridays off again! LOL!

The bonus is, of course, the extra spending money!  We have lived quite comfortably for the last five years with me just working part time, and now it's nice to have some extra funds to put into making our house more of a home.

I mentioned that Gary and I went across the border a few weeks ago to pick up our bedding for our new king-size bed.  Here's a photo of it, taken from the website:

Isn't it pretty??!!  It looks a bit washed out in the photo - it's more of a dark chocolatey brown background and the gold/steel blue is a shimmery pattern that turns different colours depending on the light.  

Of course, it doesn't go with my dark red walls, so we'll have to paint.  But I want to paint our main floor (kitchen/dining room/living room) first.  We have an open concept ranch so if we paint one room, we have to paint all three!  I have my eye on a gorgeous couch/loveseat set with tables so that's the first thing on our "Home Project" list.

Then comes the hard part trying to coordinate paint colours to match the living room furniture with the existing kitchen counters/cupboards!

Of course, the easy solution would be to renovate the kitchen, right? :)  Somehow, I think I'd have a hard time convincing Gary of that...

Anyhow, just wanted to share a couple of somethings with you before I hit the hay... a sneak peek from my project for Sketchabilities Sketch #48, set to reveal on Tuesday:

And a sneak peek of my layout for Round 1 of ScrapLift Tag at WeScrap:

This one was "old school" for me - it may actually even LAY FLAT in my album! *gasp*

Shocking, I know.... ;)

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