Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I hate Goodbyes.

Source: firstgraderatlast.blogspot.com via Nicole on Pinterest

Today, Amanda and the kids head to the airport, after having spent 12 days with us.  We are all going to miss all of them.  But hardest hit will be Aili.

She and Renee have developed a big sister/little sister relationship right from the start, since they are sharing the bunk beds in Aili's room.  Renee is so sweet and patient with her and Aili just LOVES Renee.

Photo by Amanda Lepage

Really, we are all going to be sad.  We have had so much fun on this holiday - lots of laughs and giggles and downright fun was shared.  And it's uncanny at how alike our children and husbands are!

We'll miss you, Lepage family - come back soon!!

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