Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Right Now > June 15

Right now (at 8:23 am), I am...

listening: to the silence
eating:  nothing
drinking:  my morning smoothie
wearing:  purple/blue/grey top, black pants
feeling:  rushed
wanting:  to go back to bed
needing:  a jolt of caffeine, instead
thinking:  that life would be so much easier with a nanny and a maid
enjoying:  the peace and quiet now that the rush of the morning is over
learning:  to let some things slide, without the guilt
creating:  a list of things still left to do prior to our guests' arrival
wondering:  how much my new tires will set me back...
procrastinating:  cleaning the bathroom counter.  where did I get all this makeup/skin care stuff??
loving:  my new camera!
anticipating:  my new commitment to taking bi-weekly photo walks with my neighbour.  hoping to get more photo time in!

What's happening in your life RIGHT NOW?

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  1. This is an awesome idea Sue! I think I will "bloglift" this and put it on my blog too. Looks like you have a case of momitis. Why are all of us women so hard on ourselves? Have a good day!


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