Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Back to School!!

As you can see, the parents are not the only ones around here who are happy to be back to some sort of schedule!

Today, Connor and Aili headed back to school.  I had an internal audit at one of my stores and had to be out of the house by 7:30am so I missed my annual back-to-school photo shoot on the porch prior to their departure for the bus stop.

So I handed over my D300s and let their dad document it.

I have to say, aside from the obvious flash usage (I can't get that man to shoot in manual!!), he captured some great expressions that I wouldn't have gotten.  Like the one above - even though it's a little blurry from the slow shutter speed (because of the flash!! LOL!) and Aili's more concerned about where she's going to land, he captured a great expression on Connor's face!  I can almost hear him shouting, "Yeahhhhh!!"

And this one:

It's almost as he's smirking at something Gary's said to him.  And I'm not sure what look he's going for with his hair, but A) I wasn't home and B) he's almost 12 - he would have just combed over it if I'd done it in the first place...  Crazy how much he's grown up in the last six months!

As for the little princess,  Daddy managed to get a great photo of her big, toothless smile:

One tooth is finally starting to descend so that gap won't be there for long!

Just as an aside, note the colour difference in the skin tones - can you tell for which photo the flash did not fire?? :)

Anyhow, the kids like their teachers, are in the same classes as their friends and have the same bus driver - everyone's happy!

Until next week, when the homework starts...

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