Monday, September 19, 2011

Seven Sunday Blessings

This week, I  am thankful:

1.  that I was blessed with an incredible mother.  She would have been 81 years young last Tuesday, had she not passed seven years ago.  I still miss her every day.

2.  for my new furniture!!  It arrived last Saturday and while we still need to paint, we had the deliverymen set it up for the time being.  Ahhhh, so comfortable!  The leather chairs are much bigger than I remembered so it's a bit of a tight fit, and they had to bring the couch in through the back French doors because it wouldn't fit through the front door, but all's good!

3. that I have a new little swimmer!  Aili tried out for the WEST swim team this year and while we expected her to be put in the first level, she wowed the coaches with her freestyle and backstroke and they placed her in the third level!  WTG, Aili!

4. that, while the kids' swim practices will create some stress initially while we shift and manage, they will eventually force me to be more prepared and organized.  At least, that's the plan...!

5. for this announcement on Monday.  Grateful to be chosen again to design with these talented ladies - and loving that I'm now incorporating more stamping into my paper crafts.

6. that Connor was chosen as one of two students in the French Immersion program at his school to attend a 2-day leadership camp in October.  I'm hoping it will help him overcome his shyness and reticence that developed after a few difficult years with bullies, and allow his to build his self-confidence and leadership skills.

7. for President's Choice Loads of Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream.  Just because it's the perfect end to a wonderful week.

What are YOU thankful for this week?

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