Monday, October 10, 2011

Seven Sunday Monday Blessings

Welcome to the Thanksgiving Monday edition of my Seven Sunday Blessings!

This year, I have been writing each week, with the exception of the summer months, about the things for which we are so grateful.  On top of all of these things, I am thankful...

1.  That we have a solid and happy marriage, built on love, trust and a genuine liking for each other's company!  Having seen many of our friends' marriages dissolve due to irreconcilable differences, I continue to be thankful for our relationship.

2.  That our children are healthy, safe and happy.  For the most part. :)  This year, I've heard story after story of children battling cancer, or surviving abusive homes, or sadly, dying by the hand of one of their family members.  I continue to thank God every day that my children wake up healthy and return to me safely from school.  Blessings and prayers to all of the mothers who are not blessed with this great gift.

3.  For my extended family.  Having always been a very close-knit family, tragedies always strike very deeply, and my mother-in-law's losing battle with ovarian cancer was no exception.  The huge hole that this woman's absence will now leave in all of our lives will never fully heal.

4.  For friends, both in real life and online.  Not only am I blessed with wonderful friends in our neighbourhood and at work, but I have met so many wonderful people through the scrapbooking industry online that many of my "cyber" friends have become "in real life" friends!

5.  That we live in this great country of ours.  Sure, we can complain about health care and tuition and taxes... but we should also be thankful for our freedom and safety and beautiful surroundings.

6.  That we have abundant food and drink, not only today on this day of thanks, but that we are both fortunate to have jobs in this economic climate.  May I be continually reminded to be grateful for a roof over our heads, shoes on our feet and food on our table.

7. For happiness in our lives. No further explanation needed...

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

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  1. we do have soooo much to be thankful for, thanks for sharing. Your card below is super cute...hope you have an awesome day!

    enjoy *~*


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