Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So Not Ready For This

Today, at dinner, the proverbial "other shoe" dropped.

Connor asked me if it was okay if he went to the movies with his friend, B.  Just about to say yes, he then dropped the bomb.

C:  "Well, B is going with his gf, and I would ask someone to go with me - you know, as a friend..."  (and yes, he said "gee-ef" - acronyms are taking over our lives at a rapid rate as he has become a texter)

Me:  "Uh....."

C:  "I told Dad and he said you had to talk about it... But you probably won't let me."

Me:  "Uh...." (thinking, 'oh great, now he's starting with the guilt')

C:  "It wouldn't be like a real 'date', Mom - I know you said I'm too young for dating.  It would just be as friends."

Me:  "Uh...." (thinking, 'Really?  Do I look that naive?')

C:  "Never mind.  I didn't think you'd let me."

At this point, I realized that my answers up to this point were not really sufficient at all.  I looked at him across the table from me, with his broad shoulders and a hint of peach fuzz on his cheeks and I realized that I still saw him like this:

Still, every fibre of my being was screaming, "YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO BE GOING ON A DATE!!!"

Right?  Am I right?!?!

{Sigh}  It's true what they say... the bigger the kids, the bigger the worries.

I told him that while I trust his judgement and know that he is respectful and kind, it's still too young for a one-on-one date.  I also mentioned that if he wanted to go to the movies with a group of kids from his class, he would have my blessing.

He's been pouting all night.

Welcome to the tweens.

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