Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Magic Way of Going

I have had a poem/verse, written by Maurice T. O'Callaghan, pinned up on my board at work for about three years now.

It's a photocopy of a handout from one of Mr. O'Callaghan's speaking engagements - I don't even remember attending one of his seminars so it may have been given to me by someone.  As I put my coat on before heading home last week, one of the lines caught my eye and I thought, "Now these are life lessons that I want my children to learn."

I wanted to share it with you lovelies today!


1.  Be generous in your praise and support of others.

2.  Forgiveness is freedom.  Put your hate, anger and revenge in
 the garbage can where they belong.

3.  Learn to think creatively.  Solutions live in your imagination.

4.  See life positively.  Every problem is an opportunity for those with eyes to see.

5.  There is no growth without pain.  Birds always sing after the rain.

6.  Be grateful for your gifts, your country and for those you love.

7.  Value the magic in each other.

8.  Learn to laugh at life and at yourself.  Most of what you worry about
will still be here long after you are gone.

9  Find time to do the things you love.  Develop a wish list and start checking it off.  
This moment is all you have.

10.  Be considerate, caring and honest in everything you say and do.  
Your epitaph is being written today.

If you liked this, you can download a free printable here on Mr. O'Callaghan's website.


  1. Love it Sue! And I may well copy xx

  2. Thanks for posting this Sue....makes me stop and think :) And also wanted to tell you that I LOVED your layout in the new CS mag..."In Deep Sheep"...ha ha ha! WONDERFUL!!!!!

  3. This is beautiful Sue! Thanks so much for sharing!


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