Thursday, April 05, 2012

A Letter

Dearest Blogland,

Oh, how I've missed you!!  Circumstances have arisen that have kept us apart, but I cannot deny the attraction that I feel for you.  Every day that we are separated, I long for the days of yore, when we spent a little time together,  every day.

However, it is fate - we are destined, our lives entwined.  Me, with the need to document our family history; share my creative passions or just blather on randomly about some topic, seeped in banality; and you to give voice to the madness.

Despite all odds, we come together again!  Together.  Forever.  Until Death do us part.

Or until you get sick of me.  Whatevs, dude.

Sue :)

p/s I promise to write more soon!!

1 comment:

  1. Good to see you Sue - I've missed you!
    Hugs xx


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