Friday, June 29, 2012

Another School Year Over!

Before leaving for work today, I managed to snag a couple of photos of the kids, since I wanted to compare them to our first-day-of-school photos taken by Gary in September, to see how much the kids have evolved in ten months:

Connor hasn't changed much.  Still sporting the buzz cut, he's grown a few inches and seems to have broadened in the shoulders a bit - I guess swimming approximately 10,000 meters a week will do that to a person...

As for this little miss:
She's definitely changed over the course of the year - she has teeth, for one thing! :)  Her hair has grown about four inches and she's sprouted up quite a bit too!  I have to watch what I say now, because she goes around saying, "Mom, look!  I'm all legs!"  Which is what I say when people comment on how tall she is... LOL!

As you can see, they were quite excited for the last day of school...

Pure unadulterated glee.

That was the general consensus around here this morning.  By all.

Yep, even the parents!

Gary took today off, a much-deserved break after the stress and long days of their latest IT project at work.  He took the kids shopping to pick up fixin's for a BBQ on Sunday and then out to my sister's pool for some fun in the sun.  

I, on the other hand, had to work. Boo hoo.

But don't feel too sorry for me, as I finally finalized plans for a shorter work week this summer!! YAY, ME!!  I'll be working three days a week, instead of five... so excited!

Oh, and to think of all the extra time I'll have to scrapbook and blog!!  When I'm not off on some adventure with the kids or sunbathing by the pool of course...  Can't wait.

I may not want to go back to five days a week in September... :D

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  1. Great photos of your kids Sue! Enjoy your summer!


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