Friday, August 10, 2012

Seven Sunday Blessings

Almost a week late, but still thankful:

1.  That a visit to Dr. V's office for Connor has resulted (for the third time) in a let's-just-be-patient-and-see-what-happens outcome.  His permanent teeth are taking their sweet time coming in, but after having four teeth yanked after our visit last year, he's happy to take Dr. V's advice and wait!

2.  That Dr. J is back from holidays and squeezed Gary in for a follow-up.  She's so thorough and conscientious - I've said it before, but we are so blessed to have her!

3.  For my sister, Teresa.  I'm glad she had a wonderful birthday and got to celebrate it with friends.  She deserves every happiness.

4.  For Pinterest.  As unproductive as it renders me, at times, it is such a wealth of information!  I recently discovered freezer cooking (more on my adventures in that, later this week!), which is a great start to our new way of life.

5.  For Shawn T and infomercials.  Truly.  Connor was vegging with us one night a few weeks ago and saw an infomercial for the Insanity workout and BEGGED us to get it.  He started it but when Gary went into the hospital, it took a backseat.  Yet, this week, he started again and is motivated to start his swim season in September in top shape.  I can already see the startings of a six-pack... Eek!  This mama's not ready for that, yet...

6.  For our neighbours, who all pitched in and sent us a huge fruit basket from a local market.  With a great card that everyone signed.  I *heart* our neighbourhood!

7.  That we have a few weeks at home under our belt since Gary's heart attack and subsequent surgery.  I'm not as panicked to leave him alone, nor do I follow him around anymore, chiding him when he picks up something that is too heavy.  I do NOT want to turn into that nagging wife, and luckily he's on board with everything so we're well on our way to a healthier lifestyle!

So, what are/were you thankful for last week?

P/S:  As an aside... since I consider myself so blessed, I may treat myself to that necklace above, from The Rusted Chain!! Only $28.00...  check out the rest of their stuff - it's pretty cute!

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