Friday, August 10, 2012

Flirty Friday: Aug 10

As I was sitting in the salon chair tonight, getting my hair did, I realized that I had forgotten to pre-schedule a Flirty Fridays post for today! (For the three regular visitors who may actually care... :))

Anyhow, while devouring the Hollywood gossip in casually flicking through People magazine, I came across this article on Joe Manganiello:

Now normally, facial hair does not do it for me - give me clean shaven - or a goatee - any day.  However, this devilish grin caused me a moment's pause... and provoked a brief Google.

And then I found it.

A picture of a CLEAN SHAVEN Joey:

Oh my.  In a Superman costume/outfit, no less.  (See previous FF post regarding superheroes...)

Even out of focus, he's pretty yummy.  In fact, he reminds me of a favourite piece of Australian eye candy:

But (dare I say it?) Joe may have the upper hand on Alex...

Happy Friday!


  1. Um..Alex hands I wish they'd give him a love interest on Hawaii 5-0....Thanks..I must be one of those 3 people....who care. I really really care. LOve to all at your house!

  2. I'm with Christa! Alex is IT! Love Hawaii 5-0, too!


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