Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Back 2 School

Today, the kids headed back to school.  Connor is entered Grade 8 and Aili, Grade 3.  

Where does the time go?

Still on our summer schedule, we were rushing for the bus, as usual and I only had a chance to snap a few photos of each of them before they ran to the bus stop.  Completely forgot to get one of them together!

But I did get Connor to stand on the step so I could compare this year's photo to his SK photo (JK photos were with my film camera - I don't have them scanned yet!):

How adorable was he?!?  But still handsome, 8 years later...

And a lot taller!

I couldn't believe it when I uploaded these photos and I opened this next photo.  I sat here, for about 10 minutes, and noticed all the details that I usually miss, because he's always moving:  the peach fuzz beginning on his cheeks, the two little cowlicks that gives him that slight widow's peak, the long eyelashes.

When did my little dude grow up?

Aili was excited for school this year - our summer plans this year were derailed so we didn't get to have as much fun as we had hoped.  I think she was anxious to get her "social life" back on track! :)

Not to be outdone by her big brother, she also insisted on the comparison photo.  I absolutely LOVE this photo of her on the first day of JK:

As you can see, she's grown leaps and bounds in four years, and she is, as I always tell her, ALL LEGS!  They now start above where her waist used to be!

Her eyes are unfortunately closed in this photo, but I'm sure she's just happy that I got to document the new shoes...

Luckily, I had to run out at work today to get some documents scanned so I made it home before the kids.  We greeted them as they came in the door and they were both excited and happy with their teachers and classes!  Connor was a bit apprehensive, because he had heard that this teacher gives a lot of homework - with his swim practice schedule this year, he's concerned that he won't be able to fit it all in.  After getting assigned homework today already, he's still concerned but we've assured him that we will talk to her about giving him ample time to finish assignments on the weekends, since his nights are all consumed with swimming.

Aili really likes her teacher, but when she told us who it is, Gary and I were both a bit dismayed.  She's the same teacher that Connor had in Grade 3, who basically came right out and told me that he was lazy and that he should be on Ritalin (which is really a contradiction, isn't it?!?)  Anyhow, after involving the principal and getting an apology closer to the end of the school year, we braved it to the end of the year and washed our hands of it.  However, the following year, in speaking with some of the other parents, I discovered that she also "diagnosed" EIGHT other kids (all boys, mind you) as needing Ritalin!! What the???

So now comes the dilemma?  Do we approach the principal (who is NEW this year) and ask for Aili to be transferred to a new teacher?  Aili says her teacher is "Awesome!" so I don't want to move her if I don't have to but...  Maybe it will be different because she's a girl?

Any helpful suggestions?

Anyhow, happy B2S day for all parents and teachers, and happy Tuesday to the rest of you! :)


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  1. Hmmm. Tough call about the teacher. Sounds like maybe she only has an issue with boys. Might be great with your daughter. Not much help, am I? The photos are wonderful, though. Thanks for sharing!


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