Friday, September 28, 2012

Flashback Fridays - Sept 28

Here's one to remember... :)

Conversation of the Day (originally posted Oct 30, 2006):

As heard at the dinner table, between Mommy and Aili:

{Scene opens with a very LOUD rumbling coming from the nether regions of the young leading lady}

Mommy: [gasp] "What was that?!?"
Aili: [quite proudly, with a big grin] "TOOT!"
Mommy: [nearly passing out from the fumes] "Yes, toot is right! What do you say?"
Aili: [holding her nose] "Stinky!"
Mommy: "No, what do you say?"
Aili: [still holding her nose, while scrunching up her face] "Stinky. Yuck."
Mommy: [light-headed from the lack of oxygen] "Aili Grace! Where are your manners?!?"
Aili: "'Scuse me!"
Mommy: "Thank you!"

Well, if she's not picking her nose... boy, I really feel as if I'm succeeding in raising a lady... [insert rolling eyes here]


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