Wednesday, September 26, 2012

*Sniffle* *Snork* *Cough*

Thank you, evil head cold germs, for planning your invasion this week, rather than next week when I have an inventory, followed by a week's holiday filled with my bestie from the Westie and a weekend filled with scrapping, laughing and shopping!

Yes, despite my best handwashing efforts, Aili managed to sneak her stuffy nose and pounding head into my body.

Figurately, of course.

And of course, I  had two loss prevention audits today so had to spend the day shuffling between two stores to meet with the auditor.

Some days are pure motivation to run out and buy $1,000 worth of lottery tickets.

At any rate, the countdown is on... Amanda arrives in T minus 12 sleeps!  


P/S:  Don't forget about the following challenges on my blog for a chance to win (deadlines in brackets):
It's a Sketchy Challenge (Sept 30/12) {-- only 4 days left!
Leave Your Legacy (Nov 30/12)

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