Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last Swim Practice

For this year, anyways...

On Thursday, we made the decision as a family to withdraw from swimming this year.  Many of the reasons were related to Gary's heart attack and now subsequent complications that have arisen.  The commute, the long hours - it was just a lot to manage.

Another reason was the amount of Connor's time that it took up.  We figured that with the 30-45 minute commute each way, he was spending over 20 hrs a week at practice.  That's almost a full day of his week.  I know that it's one of the reasons that WEST is the best team in the area but he wasn't showing any significant reductions in his times and it seemed like a lot of time and effort and money if he wasn't getting any better.  This is Connor's final year at LDS and he had never really had a chance to hang out with his friends after school because there was always practice or homework or swim meets to go to...

We talked about it and he's okay with the break.  He was actually a little excited that he could now try out for a few of the sports teams and the school band, since he didn't have to race off to practice every night.

Don't get me wrong - he loves swimming and is hoping to go back next year when Gary's health is back up to par.  And we love the friends that we have made and the swim meet weekends away and watching him excel at a sport that he loves.

This is just the best decision we could make for our family right now.

So this year, he will continue to strengthen his body and work on his stamina.  The bummer is that this is the last year that he will qualify for the Giochi della Gioventu' (a spot on the Canadian team to compete in Salerno, Italy in June 2013) as well as for the International Children's Games that will be held in Windsor in 2013).

But everything happens for a reason, and we're okay with that.  If these opportunities pass us by, it's because there are bigger and better ones around the corner.  He has started with the Sea Cadets and loves that, too - they spent all last weekend sailing!

And so, after practice on Friday, he hung up his fins and googles and flutter board for this year and will see what this year brings for him.  I, for one, am excited to follow along on this new bittersweet adventure...


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