Friday, September 07, 2012

My First Attempt

with the Spectrum Noir markers from Canuck Crafts!

I have to admit, this little guy was CALLING my name last night and I couldn't stand to wait until the weekend.  Isn't this stamp set so cute?  Plus, after watching the Spectrum Noir instructional DVD, I was inspired!

If we're keeping things real here, and we are, I will tell you that I like the white background on the stamp card much better.  Truth be told, I messed up and got overzealous with the citrus green (CG2 from the Greens set) and coloured in the area between his head and the top of the wreath.  So I tried to correct by colouring in with a medium turquoise (BT4 from the Turquoises set) which looked funny.

So I ended up adding the green AND the blue all over.  Which is kinda splotchy and random and made him sort of disappear into the background.  So I thought I'd outline him in grey, which is one of the tips off the video (which is now I know why all of the images I see on the net coloured with alcohol markers have faint blue or grey outlines!  A-ha moment...)

Anyhow, because I'm still new to the colours, I chose one that I thought was good, but in actuality is far too dark for outlining ((IG4 from the Cool Greys set).

Ah, a comedy of errors, to be sure!

Still, all in all, for my first time, I wouldn't say my shadings is that terrible and I sorta like the colours on my bear better! ;)  Just wish I could remember what they are - I'm pretty sure that they are GB8, GB10 and EB5 from the Browns set, but don't hold me to it.

 I will say that the DVD was really helpful.  I attempted to colour with the markers the first night I received them and wasn't "feeling the love".  But the instructor on the DVD, Leanne Chivers, gave some great tips and walked me through all sorts of tutorials for skin, hair, fur, etc.  There's also a resource folder on the DVD where she has included .pdfs of various samples showing different skin tones, hair colours, etc and the colours she's used.  Invaluable to a newbie like me! :)

Can't wait to finish off some projects so I can begin playing with these!


P/S:  Don't forget about the following challenges on my blog (deadlines in brackets):
It's a Sketchy Challenge (Sept 30/12)
Leave Your Legacy (Nov 30/12)

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