Thursday, October 04, 2012

Inventory Day!!

Round 2, that is! :)

This is my second inventory this year, at another one of my stores.  This year, I am feeling much more confident about it.  Last year, due to lack of coverage at my stores while I was off on summer vacation, coupled with the additional strain of another store, a rigorous swim practice schedule and two new trainees to train, I was behind in my work and not confident that everything that was supposed to be done was actually being done.

This year, however, my stores are in great shape.  Working only two stores this summer is partially to thank, but with not having to leave early every day to get Connor to swim practice, I'm able to stay until 4-4:30pm and get things in order for the next time I'm in.

I'm especially excited about this inventory, because once it's done and sent off by courier to head office, I'm heading to my last store to clean off my desk and then I'm on vacation, baby!!

Amanda flies in Monday night, with a surprise for my kids - wonder what it is?! ;)  She's staying until the 16th so we'll have a nice long visit!!  Miss my bestie from the Westie!!

We'll be meeting up with Holly, Sharon, Leanne and Kim for the ScrapFest crop - can't wait to get my scrap on!  Hopefully I'll have lots of inspiring projects to share with you!


P/S:  Don't forget about the following challenges on my blog for a chance to win (deadlines in brackets):
It's a Sketchy Challenge (Oct 31/12)
Leave Your Legacy (Nov 30/12)

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