Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scrapbook Studio Tour: Part V

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Welcome to the final leg of the 360 Degree Tour! :)

Sorry I missed posting this last week - I was busy with inventory, then Thanksgiving, our guests arriving and packing for ScrapFest!

The final wall has no furniture against it (unless I roll the desk there if my kids want to play Lego on the floor by me while I'm writing) but it is covered with four - for now - Bygel rails from Ikea, posted high so there is room to add more as my collection grows.  Small punches are stored in a Bygel wire basket, with hand held punches in a metal bucket.

My dies from Spellbinders and other various manufacturers are stored on the magnetic wall frame that I blogged about on the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine blog here (or you can see it here on my blog).  Although it had a few less dies on it then... and now it is full so I have to decide whether I'm going to limit my shopping or my storage... :)

Next to this wall is the closet that is under our stairs.  It has shelving and a lateral filing cabinet.  Photo boxes and labeled bins with extra adhesive or class handouts live here.  I also have three Sterilite drawer units that hold my 8.5" x 11" or smaller cardstock scraps, sorted by colour.  Large scraps are stored on top of the drawers in a plastic paper holder.  It's not a pretty system but it works for me!

Further into the closet is another rolling cart that stores my envelopes, labels and other office supplies that aren't used as often.  I also keep my Mimi scrapbooking tote and other bins back here, and any wall decor that is waiting to be hung in the studio (like my gorgeous frame found at a flea market!)

The last thing I want to share is my custom desk.  I used 2 2x2 Expedit shelves and mounted them on casters, to bring them to counter height.  This allows me to stand, which I often do, or to pull up a bar stool and sit, if I'm doing back-breaking work like fussy cutting!  This also allows me to roll the desk around to suit my fancy - sometimes it is parallel to my french doors:

And sometimes it is perpendicular:

The countertop was originally be a slab of wood, covered with tempered smoked glass, so I could cut and work right on top of it.  But when we set it on the shelves, it was so shiny and pretty that I didn't want to ruin it by cutting directly on it!  And I liked the transparent view of the smoked glass so we scrapped the idea of a wooden base and simply added clear bumper feet in between the shelves and glass top.  They stop the glass from sliding when moving the desk,  and protect the shelves' tops!

One side holds a basket for wipes and a bin with art journals.  A large flat Kassett box (which doesn't seem to be available anymore) holds all of my watercolour paints and crayons, pastels and calligraphy barrels and nibs.  The red patterned boxes are from Ikea as well (similar to Pingla boxes) - one is empty and the other holds my vintage patterns, tissue papers and coffee filters (for these gorgeous flowers!)

I cut the label tags for these boxes from Super Stock, and decorated with matching red holes and jute string.  I then punched a half circle at the opening of a baseball card protector, slid in the tag and attached to the front of the box with Glue Dots.  This makes it easier to change the contents of a box without ruining the front - I simply cut a new tag and replace the old one!

The other shelf is filled with various baskets and boxes, storing oft-used products.  This side holds trimmers, Xyron machines,  Cropodile,  Big Kick die cutter and accessories, embossing folders and Tim Holtz dies.  One of the bins is empty for future growth! :)

And that ends the 360 Degree Tour - thanks for joining me! :)


  1. Thanks for the tour Sue. Lots of great organizing ideas. Going to "Pin" this now for future reference.

  2. Sue your room is AMAZING! I shared my punch storage solution on my website and a couple of other awesome solutions, like yours! You can see my post here:

    Alice Boll.

    P.S. Please let me know if you have any concerns about the way I shared your info. I didn't copy the photo, I used an embedded link to your photo hosted on your website. I also linked back to your post so people could get more info! I just want to make sure you are 'good' with my share! If you are concerned please contact me through the Contact form on my website.

    Thanks again for the great inspiration! Congrats on getting your room finished!


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