Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's That Time, Again!

Time for another amazing issue of Canadian Scrapbooker magazine!!  Even though I see how much work goes into creating just ONE issue, does anyone else wish that this baby came out TWELVE times a year!?! ;)

Although I haven't received my copy as of today, the Winter 2012/13 issue has been showing up across the country!  Now, I get to proof a preview of the article layout before it goes to press, but it's still so exciting to see it in print.  It's hard to believe that with this issue, we are starting our eighth year... so happy that in this day and age of digital formats, our product is still going strong!

And even though we can't have 12 issues a year, I'm excited to announce that CS has created another volume of the Canadian Scrapbooker Basics series!  Another wonderful publication sharing stamping techniques and tips by my lovely friend, Cathie Allan:

Oh, the possibilities.... :)  Click here to get your copy, or here to sign up for a subscription!

Check back tomorrow when I share my Leave Your Legacy project and challenge you to leave your own legacy!  I even have a yummy prize to give away... ;)


P/S:  Don't forget about the following challenges on my blog for a chance to win:
It's a Sketchy Challenge (deadline:  Nov 30/12)
Leave Your Legacy (deadline:  Nov 30/12)

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