Saturday, June 22, 2013

Right Here Right Now | Jun 22

The Project:  Every Saturday, at some point, I will post a self-portrait (it won't always be pretty - I'm warning you now!!) and document what I'm doing/feeling/seeing... right now.

dateline: belle river, ontario, canada @ 1:02 pm on june 22, 2013
weather outside: muggy, slight breeze
mood inside:  anticipatory, active

listening to:  gary tell connor to get ready to go
eating:  a spinach/tomato omelette, carrots & hummus
drinking:  water
wearing:  black yoga pants, long sleeve black henley
feeling:  satisfied 
wanting:  to continue in the garage sale preparation
needing:  to get out the door to buy connor a shirt/tie for grad
thinking:  about what else I can get rid of - on our way to clutter free!
enjoying:  the sound of giggling coming from aili's room
learning:  to say "no" to the kids less... more flexibility = happier children
creating:  more room for a pool table, maybe?! :)
wondering:  what, if any, awards connor will receive at graduation on monday?
procrastinating:  grocery shopping - truly a hated task, next to lunch-making...
loving:  caramel skor apple dip, right now - so not good for me, but oh, so yummy!
anticipating:  seeing connor in his suit and tie, handsome and proud, on monday...


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