Sunday, September 08, 2013

Right Here Right Now | Sept 7

The Project:  Every Saturday (or some part during the weekend!), at some point, I will post a self-portrait (it won't always be pretty - I'm warning you now!!) and document what I'm doing/feeling/seeing... right now.

dateline:  belle river, ontario, canada @ 1:05 am on sept 8, 2013
weather outside:   overcast, cool
mood inside:  quiet, lonely

listening to:  the lack of noise
eating:  frozen banana peanut butter nutella ice cream
drinking:  nothing
wearing:  pyjamas
feeling:  lonely, with my family gone away to Rondeau Park for the weekend - i had to work :(
wanting:  to get artsy but having no creative mojo right now... :(
needing:  to go to bed so i can get a good night's sleep and be up early tomorrow!
thinking:  about an upcoming decision to be made
enjoying:  the solitude, just a little bit!
learning:  that a house will almost always make weird noises when you're home alone!
creating:  a to-do list for tomorrow
wondering:  how cold my family is tonight, sleeping in their tent?
procrastinating:  bedtime - that king size bed is so huge when you're all by yourself!
loving:  that i have free reign of the tv!  i have watched dirty dancing, maid in manhattan, the ugly truth and crazy stupid love so far... highly unproductive but totally relaxing!
anticipating:  hearing all about their trip!

no selfie tonight - too late and too dark!


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